Cirencester Chicken Cam
The latest picture, 28 Jan 16:36
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28 Jan 16:31
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28 Jan 15:41
The Chicken cam overlooks the orchard next to one of Bosworth Estates' workshop sites. On some days, the inhabitants are close to the camera; on other days you can enjoy the peace.
The orchard contains chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and geese - all of whom like to compete to see who can generate the most noise.

The image is updated every five minutes. You can click on one of the earlier thumbnails to see a larger picture. Why not take a look at the Gallery? It contains photographs of some of the stars of the orchard, and interesting webcam pictures. There is also a treasure map to show you roughly where the site is; you can use the camera to find out what the weather is like in central England.

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