The Gallery

The gallery contains pictures of some of the cast of the orchard, as well as some of the more interesting pictures taken by the Chicken cam. You can click on one of the thumbnail images to see a larger picture, or on one of the notes to get a sound sample.

Torquil the turkey George the lopsided chicken
Here is Jock mowing the grass in the orchard A rogue giraffe spoils the tranquility of the orchard and comes to investigate the chicken cam
A group of camera shy ducks attempt to avoid having their picture taken A gaggle of geese enjoying the sunshine
A turkey - she may not look much to you, but Torquil thinks she's very attractive A guinea fowl - this is one of the less common silver ones
A ragtag bunch of orchard inhabitants make a run for it The ducks and guinea fowl enjoy the executive swimming facilities
A cockerel, strutting his stuff A group of guinea fowl forage for food
Sometimes friends come to visit the birds... ...and to send greetings to relatives in far distant lands
There are no apes in the orchard But Mr Monkey and his friends live nearby
So that you know where to find such an idyllic place, the orchard is near Cirencester, 'The Capital of the Cotswolds', which is marked with a golden cross on this map.
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